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Sleep Workshops:

The workshops will explore a wide range of sleep issues including sleep environment, naps, early risers, frequent wakers, difficulty falling asleep and transitions to cot / toddler bed. Suitable for parents, expectant parents and professionals. Content relevant to children aged from birth - 3years.  Investment: £25.00

Ballymena 11am - 12.30noon 3rd April 2019, Ballymena North

Dungannon 11am - 12.30noon 5th April 2019, Dungannon West

Belfast 10.30am - 12noon 9th April 2019, Jacqui Philpott School of Dance, Ormeau Road

Makeup & Massage:

Mummy & Baby Pamper Party! Settled Petals are so pleased to have teamed up with Makeup by Nicole to offer you this luxury session.  You will be greeted with non-alcoholic prosecco, taught baby teething, wind & colic massage sequences, before being treated to a makeup demo by Nicole. Tea and coffee to follow. 

Investment: £15

10.30 - 11.30am Tuesday 2nd April 2019, Jacqui Philpott School of Dance, Ormeau Road

Baby Yoga 5 week courses:


11am - 12noon Tuesday 30th April, Ormeau Road, Belfast

11am - 12noon Thursday 1st May 2019, Moneyreagh Community Centre

Baby Massage 5 week courses:


10am - 11am Tuesday 30th April 2019, Ormeau Road, Belfast

10am - 11am Thursday 1st May 2019, Moneyreagh Community Centre


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Sunday Life, Belfast Live, Minbie & Focus on Health & Wellbeing

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Please email us on to discuss booking any packages or ask any questions you may have. We look forward to supporting you. 

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"We are so incredibly grateful to Susan for her consistent support during all of the ups and downs (literally!) of Ethan's sleep patterns. Her approach is sensitive, understanding and encouraging. Susan really took the time to get to know our family and the boundaries within which we were prepared to work. She was respectful of our circumstances and our specific needs and the plan of action suggested fitted within this perfectly. The improvement in Ethan's sleep has been remarkable! Everyone, but primarily him, is much better off for it! He wakes up happy and raring to go, takes a nap when he needs it and has a great appetite - one contented little boy and two well rested parents!"

Parents  of baby Ethan (18months)

'We contacted Susan a few weeks ago when we were at our wits end with daily 4-5am wake ups with our 14 month old baby. He has always been an 'early riser' and when he started to sleep until 5am we were actually pleased but over Christmas he slept until 7 so we knew the little rascal was capable of a better nights sleep! He had never been a good napper and although generally a very happy chappy, we did see a difference on the days he wasn't getting any sleep. 

Susan came down to the house and chatted everything through with us after we filled out a very detailed questionnaire. She came prepared with a plan that included lots of different options for us to try. We talked about what options we felt were best suited to us and what we thought would work for Mason. We told Susan we didn't want Mason to cry himself to sleep and she helped us come up with solutions to avoid this. 

Within 3 days we had a baby who napped in his cot twice a day, and slept right through to 630 every morning. Susan emailed us every day to see how we were getting on and talked us through any changes we wanted to make. 

As we are two working parents, sleep is so important. Both for our son and for us! I am so delighted we got some help from Susan as it empowered us to move forward with a routine and system that works for all of us! We now have a very happy, well rested little man!

Thanks so much Susan

Parents of Ethan (14 months) 

Overall, have you observed improved sleep for your child?: Yes I'm delighted I can now go to bed without worrying that *** will wake any minute. He has a great routine now and sleeps through the night

Did the service meet your expectations? Absolutely, Susan was excellent and has made such a difference to our lifestyle

Please add any other comments you may have: We are so grateful for what Susan has done for us. I just wish we tried it sooner!

Parents of 21 month old