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We offer both tailor-made potty training support, as well as group workshops.  Support can be offered in person (within the family home) or remotely (via videocall or telephone). We are therefore able to offer this service internationally, as well as locally in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland. 

Package 1: Settled Petals Potty Training Support

This package includes a 1:1 consultation (either a 60 minute home visit or 30 minute telephone call / videocall); Personalised Potty Training Plan,  3 support email's (which can be used within 1 week) to support you through the plan; e-copies of printable Reward Charts and a 'My Wee Friend' potty training sticker (This shows a picture every time the potty is used and aids effective training) 

 Investment: £100 (in person)

Remote: £80

Twins / siblings charged at no extra cost

Package 2: Group Workshop

 Settled Petals occasionally run Potty Training Workshops in conjunction with their Sleep Workshops. These are charged at £20.00 per workshop or £30.00 to attend both workshops.  Next workshop will take place 11.30am - 12.30pm 24th October 2019 at Castlereagh Hills Golf Course.

The price includes the workshop, light refreshments, e-copies of printable reward charts and a 'is your child potty training ready' resource.

Workshops can also be arranged for day nurseries, mother and tot groups or on a private basis within a parents home. Please contact us for individual prices. 

Package 3: The Toddle Doddle

This is a combined Sleep / Potty Training package at a reduced price. It is suitable for children aged 2 years and over. It includes the full Sleep Package 2 (see sleep package for details), and Package 1 Potty Training Support. It is not recommended that Potty Training and Sleep implementation take place at the same time. Information will be shared on the same home visit / consultation, but the Potty Training implementation can be scheduled between 1 - 6 months after the Sleep Support. 

Investment: £260 

Remote: £240

Siblings / Twins charged at £50 extra per package

Mileage and Extras

Mileage for home visits within 10 miles of Belfast is included in all packages. Mileage will be charged at 50p per mile (each way) thereafter. 

Additional email support charged at £45 per week (one a day for 5 days)

Additional telephone / video calls charged at £1 per minute. 

How to Book

Either complete the  'Contact Us' page below or email susan@settledpetals.com. Susan will then make contact with you to schedule direct contact. 

Gift Vouchers also available. 

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