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We offer four ways to help with potty training; bespoke 1:1 training (online or offline), in a group setting or you combine both our sleep & potty training consultation packages. We have also released a new potty training ebook 

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1 to 1 Potty Consultation

1 to 1 Potty Consultation

1 to 1 Potty Consultation


Our 1:1 consultation package includes:

Either a 60 minute home visit if you are based in Northern Ireland or a 30 minute telephone call/video call. Full access to the online Potty Training Resource, 3 support email's (which can be used within 1 week) to support you through the plan and a 'My Wee Friend' potty training sticker (This shows a picture every time the potty is used and aids effective training) 


In person: £100   Remote: £80

Twins / siblings charged at no extra cost

Join a Group Workshop

1 to 1 Potty Consultation

1 to 1 Potty Consultation


We occasionally run Potty Training Workshops in conjunction with our Sleep Workshops throughout Northern Ireland. 

These are charged at £20.00 per workshop or £40.00 to attend both workshops and the price includes the workshop, light refreshments, e-copies of printable reward charts and a 'is your child potty training ready' resource.

Workshops can also be arranged for day nurseries, mother and tot groups or on a private basis within a parents home. 

On Thursday 21st May 2020 we will be holding a sleep & potty training workshop. Early Bird discount 25% discount is booked before 31.03.20, using coupon ‘early’ 

Sleep Workshop: 10am -11.30am £28.50

Potty Training Workshop: 12noon - 1pm £20

Both workshops: £40

Second Parent: 50% discount 

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1 to 1 Potty & Sleep Consultation

A parents online guide to potty training

A parents online guide to potty training


We offer a combined sleep and potty training package at a reduced price which is suitable for children aged 2 years and over. 

This includes the full Sleep Package 2 (see sleep package for details), and our 1 to 1 potty consultation. It is not recommended that Potty Training and Sleep implementation take place at the same time. 

Information will be shared on the same home visit & consultation but the Potty Training implementation can be scheduled between 1 - 6 months after the Sleep Support. 

Investment: £260 

Remote: £240

Siblings / Twins charged at £50 extra per package

A parents online guide to potty training

A parents online guide to potty training

A parents online guide to potty training


Learn how to promote positive potty training from the comfort of your own home using our helpful online tool. We've spent months crafting this online lesson which is available for instant download.  You will read all our insights on potty training including the most common questions asked by parents:

- Is your Child Ready to Potty Train?

-Potty Training Information

-How to Prepare your Child to Potty Train

-Potty Training Plan (day, naps and night)

-Potty Training Tips

-Potty Training on the Go


-Developmental Behaviours to be Aware of

-How to Manage Regressions

-Relaxation Tips for Parents

-Reward Charts, Flash Cards & Parent Record Sheets (to download and print)

-Recommended Products

Investment: £20.00

If you purchase this resource, and then opt for our one-to-one, group or combined sleep & potty package the £20 cost of this resource will be reimbursed to you (subject to availability)

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