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The Settled Petals Academy : Baby Massage Instructor Course

The Settled Petals Academy seeks to provide a number of online resources to support parents, as well as training opportunities for professionals, and for those wishing to set-up (or add too) their own baby business.

These courses are available to access anywhere with internet connection, including Belfast, Northern Ireland, Dublin, Ireland, London, UK, Edinburgh, Scotland and beyond

Please see current courses and resources below. More to follow. 


Diploma in Baby Massage

This course will provide you with everything you need to become a fully Certified Baby Massage Instructor.

The course contains elements of baby massage, carefully combined with reflexology and acupressure.

This course is suitable for health and social care professionals (such as midwifes, neonatal nurses, health visitors, social workers, support workers and nursery staff) as well as those wishing to start or add to their own neonatal services. 

The course will cover:-

-History of Baby Massage, Acupressure and Reflexology

-The Power of Touch

-Benefits of Baby Massage and Touch Therapy

-Minding Mum


-The Parent / Baby Dyad

-Ideal Environment

-Oils and Lotions

-Groupwork and 1:1 Session Plans

-Massage in Special Circumstances

-Running a Baby Massage Business

-Full Instruction on Baby Massage Routine

-Instruction on delivering specialised massage routines such as those specific to teething, sleep, cold relief and colic / wind / constipation

This is a 'business in a box'. You will be provided with a free business module and downloadable handouts for parents. You will not be required to pay any ongoing fees or licenses. 

On completion of the course, you will be a fully trained baby massage instructor and hold 'A Diploma in Baby Massage.'

This course is accredited by FEDANT (Federation of Antenatal Educators)

Investment: £350

Direct Training: 12th and 13th December 2019, Belfast

(either £350 to secure or 4 monthly instalments of £100). Instalment plan only available via direct tr

Online Training: Become a fully accredited baby massage instructor from the comfort of your own home. Support and guidance will be provided via email as required.  To access the course just click here:



Learn how to promote positive potty training from the comfort of your own home.

Available for instant download.

This online resource will cover:-

-Is your Child Ready to Potty Train?

-Potty Training Information

-How to Prepare your Child to Potty Train

-Potty Training Plan (day, naps and night)

-Potty Training Tips

-Potty Training on the Go


-Developmental Behaviours to be Aware of

-How to Manage Regressions

-Relaxation Tips for Parents

-Reward Charts (to download and print)

-Flash Cards (to download and print)

-Parents Record Sheet (to download and print)

-Recommended Products

Investment: £20.00

(If you purchase this resource, and then opt for Package 1, 2, or 3, the cost of the resource will be reimbursed to you)


Baby Massage - A parents guide

Learn how to massage your own baby from the comfort of your own home.

This course contains online videos and downloadable parent sheets.

This course is research based and carefully combines baby massage, baby acupressure and baby reflexology

It provides instruction as to how to:-
Provide a full body massage to your baby
Provide a cold relief massage
Provide a sleep support massage
Provide teething relief massage
Provide colic / wind / constipation relief massage

You will learn which oils to use, and how to ensure that your massage is safe.

Investment: £20

Click the link below for instant access

Newborn Sleep - An Online Resource for Parents


Newborn Sleep - A Guide for Parents

This resource aims to guide you through newborn sleep.

Developmentally newborn babies are not programmed to sleep through the night. 

There are some strategies you can use to help them to feel settled and content.

This guide will explore:-

-How infant sleep works

-Recognising and responding to infant cues and behaviour

-Recommended wake times

-Issues which often affect newborn babies (colic / wind / posseting)

-Understanding common allergies, intolerances and reflux,

-Safe sleep

-Matching your settling approach to your own parenting style and values

-The ideal sleep environment

-How to dress your baby for sleep

-Supporting babies to distinguish from night to day (in line with their development)

-Naps and wake times

-Night waking's

-Settling techniques

-How to complete a baby massage routine to support colic / wind / constipation

-Special circumstances: sleep for multiples and premature babies

-Relaxation guide for new parents

-How to manage sleep when out of the home

-Recommended products

Investment: £20

If you purchase this resource and then avail of Package 1 Sleep Plan, the cost of the resource will be reimbursed to you

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