Baby Sleep Consultant Northern Ireland, BELFAST, UK

Our sleep consultancy packages are completely tailored to the individual needs of your child and your own parenting style. 

We offer a range of tailor-made packages to help promote your baby or infant's sleep, taking into account your babies current age, development, temperament and your own parenting style.  Each package can be offered directly (within the family home) or remotely (via videocall or telephone) . Susan is based in Northern Ireland but through the wonders of technology, she can help you from anywhere.

Baby Sleep Consultant Northern Ireland; Baby Sleep Consultant UK; Baby Sleep Consultant Belfast

Baby Sleep Consultant UK, BELFAST, IRELAND

New and Expectant Parents


This package is the perfect way to prepare for your baby's arrival by encouraging positive sleep habits from day one or starting any time until they are 4 months old.

The package includes:

  • Learn about infant sleep
  • How you can encourage positive sleeping habits from an early age
  • The package includes a 90 minute visit to your home (or 45 minute videocall)
  •  You will receive a sleep-guide to promote positive infant sleep
  • Full access to our special online resource - ‘Newborn Sleep - A Guide for Parents,’
  • One weeks email support (to answer any questions you may have)
  • Full access to our online baby massage resource
  • One further email of support to use before your child turns 6 months. 

Investment: £120.00 

Remote: £100.00

Twins/siblings charged at £50 extra per package.

Settled Petals Sleep Plan


This comprehensive package is suitable for babies aged 4 months - 3 years. It has helped many parents to establish a positive routine for their child and help them to achieve a more restful nights sleep.  Susan works with you to put together a custom sleep plan which is entirely tailored to your little one.

The package includes: 

  • an assessment of your child's current sleep plan; 
  • a personalised and comprehensive sleep plan specific to your child
  • a 90 minute visit to your home to go through the plan and answer any questions you may have (or 45 minute telephone call / videocall)
  • Full access to online baby massage resource 
  • 2 weeks email support (at 1 email per day for 5 days per week) to support you as you work through the plan. 

Investment: £220 (in person)  Remote: £200

Twins / siblings charged at £50 extra per package

1 to 1 Potty & Sleep Consultation


This packaged is specially tailored to children age 2 years and over as it merges our main Settled Petals Sleep Consultation package above, with our Potty Training package at a reduced cost, to suit this time in a child's life.

 It is not recommended that Potty Training and Sleep implementation take place at the same time so while the information will be shared on the same home visit consultation, the Potty Training implementation can be scheduled between 1 - 6 months after the Sleep Support. 

Investment: £260 

Remote: £240

Siblings / Twins charged at £50 extra per package

Online Newborn Sleep Resource


Susan custom-made this resource with the aim of guiding new parents through newborn sleep.  

Developmentally newborn babies are not programmed to sleep through the night but there are some strategies you can use to help them to feel settled and content and this guide will explore: 

  • How infant sleep works
  • Recognising and responding to infant cues and behaviour
  • Recommended wake times
  • Issues which often affect newborn babies (colic / wind / posseting)
  • Understanding common allergies, intolerances and reflux
  • Safe sleep
  • Matching your settling approach to your own parenting style and values
  • The ideal sleep environment
  • How to dress your baby for sleep
  • Supporting babies to distinguish from night to day (in line with their development)
  • Naps and wake times
  • Night waking's
  • Settling techniques
  • How to complete a baby massage routine to support colic / wind / constipation
  • Special circumstances: sleep for multiples and premature babies
  • Relaxation guide for new parents
  • How to manage sleep when out of the home
  • Recommended products

Investment: £20

If you purchase this resource and then avail of Package 1 Sleep Plan, the cost of the resource will be reimbursed to you

Mileage and Extras

Mileage for home visits within 10 miles of Belfast is included in all packages. Mileage will be charged at 50p per mile (each way) thereafter. 

Additional email support charged at £45 per week (one a day for 5 days)

Additional telephone / video calls charged at £1 per minute. 

How to book

Either complete the 'Contact us' link below or email Susan will then make contact with you to schedule direct contact. 

Ask about our payment plans

Gift Vouchers also available.

Products available from us

Rooba Dream Little One Sleep Oil: £9.95

Rooba Soothing Cheek Oil: £9.95

Rooba Bunny Natural Teething Toy: £9.95


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