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Baby Massage

By the end of the programme you will be able to provide your baby with:-

  • Full body massage
  • Sleep routine
  • Cold relief routine
  • Colic / Wind / Constipation routine
  • Teething routine

Our baby massage sequences are research based and combine baby massage, acupressure and reflexology

Baby massage may:-

  • Help babies to relax and sleep better
  • Provide relief from colic
  • Help with digestive issues such as constipation
  • Alleviate pain (such as that caused by teething)
  • Positively impact the mood of the parent
  • Promote weight gain in pre-term infants

Classes run in 4 week sessions each Tuesday morning from 10am - 11am in Castlereagh Hills Golf Course, Belfast. 

Please email us for bookings, or to book your own individual or group class. 

Investment: £42 for 4 week session to include organic massage oil, refreshments for adults, sleep tips, weekly emails recapping what was learned that week, access to online resource (at value of £20). Suitable from birth - crawling

To book, either email or click and submit the link below. Once submitted a paypal invoice will be emailed to you to secure your place, as well as details of the booking

Or if you would like o access this course, online from the comfort the comfort of your own home, just click here to access:



Baby Yoga

Did you know that baby yoga:

  • improves sleeping patterns both in duration and frequency
  • helps relief the effects of colic, digestion and constipation
  • can aid the promotion and development of both gross and fine motor skills
  • helps strengthen the bond between adult and child
  • builds core strength
  • promotes diagonal co-ordination - (how to move arms and legs in opposing directions). This skill can be very challenging for some babies, particularly if they have behavioural or developmental issues, but without this skill the basics of crawling and walking can be difficult to achieve.
  • reminding parents to breath, aiding emotional balance allowing them to meet demands of parenthood in a calmer, more relaxed way

Classes run in 4 week sessions each Tuesday morning from 11am - 12noon in Castlereagh Hills Golf Course, Belfast. Next programme begins 26.11.19

Investment: £40 for 4 week session to include refreshments for adults and some sleep tips. Suitable from 8 weeks


Children and Family Yoga

Not only does yoga improve sleep quality it can also:

  • improve strength and flexibility
  • increase self-confidence and promote emotional resilience.
  • help to balance the body and mind
  • promote concentration
  • promote relaxation, reduced stress and regulation of one's emotions

Trained by

Classes can be arranged either on an ongoing basis or as a standalone class. These classes are adapted by age group for children, young people and their families aged 2 - 18years. Classes can be offered in schools, after-school clubs, youth groups, GB, BB, Brownies, Rainbows, Squirels, Beavers or sports groups. 

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