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Introducing settled petals

Settled Petals is run by Susan Wallace, an expert in infant sleep, potty training, baby yoga & baby massage. Get in touch today to find out how Susan can help you promote sleep, relaxation and contentment for your child.

About settled petals

Why Settled Petals?


Susan has over a decade's experience of working with children, families and their caregivers. She has over 10 years experience working as a Social Worker, including being a Team Manager. She has also worked as a SEN (Special Educational Needs) Nanny, in a day nursery and with disadvantaged children in both Mexico and The Philippines. She has delivered Child Protection Training in both England and The Philippines and Life Story Training in both Scotland and Northern Ireland. She is a certified Sleep Consultant and registered with the International Assocation of Child Sleep Consultants. Susan has a special interest in infant allergies, colic and reflux and holds both an OCN Level 3 in Infant Allergies, Colic and Reflux, and is a certified Happiest Baby on the Block educator. 

Susan is committed to the well-being of children. She is particulary passionate about the importance of good quality sleep in childhood and from this Settled Petals was created. 

Our Approach


 Susan's aim is to support and empower parents and caregivers to promote a relaxing, holistic environment for their children to bloom. Susan has over ten years experience working with children, their families and caregivers in a variety of settings.

Settled Petals focuses on promoting happy babies and children who sleep well as consistent with their individual needs and development. She achieves this by offering a sleep consultancy service, offering training and education events for both parents and professionals, and by facilitating baby massage, baby yoga and childrens yoga classes - all of which are known to increase sleep quality in children. 

Susan is also a Certified Potty Training Consultant Northern Ireland and offers both 1:1 support and group workshops in relation to such. 



  • Masters in Social Work (University of Sussex)
  • MA in Education (Cambridge University)
  • Theraplay Level 1
  • Certification in Sleep Consultancy (Institute of Paediatric Sleep and Parenting)
  • Baby Massage Instructor Qualification (Hands on Babies)
  • Baby Yoga Instructor Qualification (Hands on Babies)
  • Infant Allergies, Colic and Reflux (OCN Level 3)
  • Certification in Potty Training (Institute of Paediatric Sleep and Parenting)
  • Happiest Baby on the Block - Certified Educator 
  • Kids and Family Yoga Instructor (Rainbow Kids Yoga 27 hours)
  • Member of International Association of Child Sleep Consultants

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