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"We are so incredibly grateful to Susan for her consistent support during all of the ups and downs (literally!) of Ethan's sleep patterns. Her approach is sensitive, understanding and encouraging. Susan really took the time to get to know our family and the boundaries within which we were prepared to work. She was respectful of our circumstances and our specific needs and the plan of action suggested fitted within this perfectly. The improvement in Ethan's sleep has been remarkable! Everyone, but primarily him, is much better off for it! He wakes up happy and raring to go, takes a nap when he needs it and has a great appetite - one contented little boy and two well rested parents!"

Parents  of baby Ethan (18months)

'We contacted Susan a few weeks ago when we were at our wits end with daily 4-5am wake ups with our 14 month old baby. He has always been an 'early riser' and when he started to sleep until 5am we were actually pleased but over Christmas he slept until 7 so we knew the little rascal was capable of a better nights sleep! He had never been a good napper and although generally a very happy chappy, we did see a difference on the days he wasn't getting any sleep. 

Susan came down to the house and chatted everything through with us after we filled out a very detailed questionnaire. She came prepared with a plan that included lots of different options for us to try. We talked about what options we felt were best suited to us and what we thought would work for Mason. We told Susan we didn't want Mason to cry himself to sleep and she helped us come up with solutions to avoid this. 

Within 3 days we had a baby who napped in his cot twice a day, and slept right through to 630 every morning. Susan emailed us every day to see how we were getting on and talked us through any changes we wanted to make. 

As we are two working parents, sleep is so important. Both for our son and for us! I am so delighted we got some help from Susan as it empowered us to move forward with a routine and system that works for all of us! We now have a very happy, well rested little man!

Thanks so much Susan

Parents of  Mason (14 months) 

Overall, have you observed improved sleep for your child?: Yes I'm delighted I can now go to bed without worrying that *** will wake any minute. He has a great routine now and sleeps through the night

Did the service meet your expectations? Absolutely, Susan was excellent and has made such a difference to our lifestyle

Please add any other comments you may have: We are so grateful for what Susan has done for us. I just wish we tried it sooner!

Parents of 21 month old

I’ve been obsessed with my ten month old son’s sleep (or lack of!) from the early days so when I came across Settled Petals on Facebook I didn’t hesitate to book a place on the sleep workshop. Susan is so knowledgable and discussed the science behind sleep, so I left knowing how to tackle our sleep issues but I knew we would struggle without her support and guidance so we chose a one to one package. 

After completing a lengthy questionnaire, Susan came out to the house and talked us thorough the plan. She was polite and professional and reassured us she was always only an email away. We were blown away by support and email contact she provided to us over the course of the 2-3 weeks and it kept us sane when we felt totally overwhelmed. 

I honestly can’t believe that after months of co sleeping, being breast fed and/or rocked to sleep every single night that Calum now goes into the cot awake and settles himself to sleep within 5-10 minutes. He had never napped in his cot before, he took 10-20 minutes cat naps here and there in the car or pram, whereas now he takes two 60-90 minute naps in his cot. 

Getting a full nights sleep again is amazing, as is getting some time to myself during naps but the icing on the cake is seeing such a positive change in our son. He was chronically overtired, cranky, irritable, fought sleep and I was genuinely concerned the lack of sleep would hinder his development. Since working with Susan he is so much happier, calmer, less agitated and an absolute joy to be around. I honestly never believed we could get to this point and we can’t thank you enough Susan

Parents of 10 month old Calum

Wow I dont know where to start!!

My 8 month old is the most clingy baby I've ever met and didn't have his first nap until 5 months old. He was still up every hour wanting breastfed and it was a nightmare. I was hesitant to get a sleep consultant because I've two other kids and tried every method but it was so worth it!!

Susan was amazing and so easy to talk to. I was able to email her and ask questions and change things about that weren't working which was AMAZING because even though I had tried a few things myself, having someone I could actually turn to for advice for once was amazing for my mental headspace. As a Mum I find I'm always seen as "manager" of the house and decision maker and everyone asks me what to do or what the plan is which is so mentally draining and made it easy for me to slip up!! So if you're like me and know about sleep training etc but it's still not working for you I would 100% recommend Susan because she kept me on track and didn't mind when I felt like giving up and vented from exhaustion Haha

Were only on day 8 and Zayne has went from co sleeping up every hour to sleeping in his cot and doing long stretches, only getting up twice and quickly put back down!! I'm looking forward to the next few days to see his progress!

Thanks so much Susan you're honestly a Fairy God mother!!!! xxxxx

Parents of Zayne